SquirrelS 🐿️

SquirrelS is our flagship NFT Collection and the most effective way to farm $NUTS tokens.

Since $NUTS has no pre-sale or IDO rounds, the only way to farm the token is to stake a Squirrel NFT or to buy them through exchanges!

The art combines elements from viral MEMEs and animes chosen by our team members (accessories, facial expressions, clothes...)

Details and Numbers :

The NFT collection also serves as a deflationary mechanism for the $NUTS token.

Save some $NUTS for later because you'll need them to mint new NFTs: 50% of the $NUTS tokens collected from the minting events will be burned 🔥, 50% of the tokens will be deposited in the treasury wallet and used to expand the NUTS community.

The EGLD collected from the mint will be used to expand the project, provide liquidity in the DEX Pool, and reward the Liquidity Providers.

Benefits 🪛

  • Stake - Stake your Squirrel to farm $NUTS

    Since $NUTS has no pre-sale or IDO rounds, the only way to farm the token is by staking Squirrels NFTs.

  • Art Pieces - Your Web3 Identity

    A unique NFT that can serve as your identity in the next web3 era, allowing you to express your personality and establish your digital presence.

  • Trade - Trade your Squirrel for profit

    Flipping rare and valuable NFTs on the MultiversX blockchain can be a profitable venture, as demand for unique digital assets increases in the growing web3 economy.

  • Low-Risk Investment - Refund Policy available!

    Our NFT minting service offers customers a low-risk investment opportunity, backed by our refund policy, ensuring that if a batch is not SOLDOUT within 14 days, they can receive their money back.

  • Voting Rights - Community-driven project

    Voting rights on key decisions related to the project, such as choosing new features, investments in other projects, or selecting charitable donations.

  • Charity - We rise by lifting others.

    By allowing the community to vote for a cause and incorporating charitable giving into NFTs, creators, and collectors can use their digital assets to promote social responsibility, generate awareness for important causes, and contribute to positive change in the world.

  • 🚧 Bonus Raffle Tickets - Winner, winner chicken dinner!

    Squirrel owners will have bonus Raffle tickets on ElrondBet.net for each NFT staked, adding more excitement to their gaming experience.

  • Special Staking Pools - Rarity matters now!

    Staking pools with higher rewards or exclusive benefits may be available to holders of rare Squirrel NFTs, based on the distinct attributes and scarcity of their digital assets.

  • Farm Boost - Boosted APR %

    Having a Squirrel NFT staked, customers can benefit from boosted APR in farms & pools, providing them with additional rewards for contributing to the health of the ecosystem.

  • 🚧 Social Clubs - Create your own Social Club!

    Ability to register Social Clubs based on the attributes of a Squirrel NFT, enabling users to connect with others who share similar interests and aesthetics in the world of NFTs.

    ⚠️ To join a social club, all members must possess a Squirrel NFT that meets the specific attributes of the club.

  • 🚧 Upgrade your Squirrel - SQUIRREL APOCALYPSE

    After the apocalypse, squirrels began to mutate, growing sharp fangs and gaining supernatural abilities, leaving the remaining human survivors to fend off the hordes of mutant squirrel creatures.

    PS: Save a Lady Squirrel + NUTS for later.

  • 🚧 Merch Discount - Exclusive Merchandise

    As a token of appreciation, our NFT holders receive a special discount on our exclusive merchandise products whenever they become available.

SquirrelS Diagram for the future:

Royalties: 10%

  • 40% - used to Reward the Liquidity Providers 🎁

  • 40% - will go into the Treasury wallet

  • 20% - used to buy and burn $NUTS from the DEX 🔥

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