SquirrelS 🐿️

SquirrelS is our flagship NFT Collection and the most effective way to farm $NUTS tokens.
Since $NUTS has no pre-sale or IDO rounds, the only way to farm the token is to stake a Squirrel NFT or to buy them through exchanges!
The NFT collection will have a total of 10,000 NFTs that will be distributed into batches over time.
The art combines elements from viral MEMEs chosen by our team members (accessories, facial expressions, clothes...)

Details and Numbers :

The NFT collection also serves as a deflationary mechanism for the $NUTS token.
Save some $NUTS for later because you'll need them to mint new NFTs: 50% of the $NUTS tokens collected from the minting events will be burned 🔥, 50% of the tokens will be staked and the rewards will go to SquirrelS holders / airdropped to bring new people into the community.
The EGLD collected from the mint will be used to expand the project, provide liquidity in the DEX Pool, and reward the Liquidity Providers.

Royalties: 10%

  • 40% - used to Reward the Liquidity Providers 🎁
  • 40% - will go into the Treasury wallet
  • 20% - used to buy and burn $NUTS from the DEX 🔥