⛓️Why MultiversX!?


  • Most Important: We are EGLD holders and we LOVE the MultiversX project (Elrond) ❤️‍🔥, the rest are just facts.

  • Last-Generation blockchain network. (FAST AF Boyyyyyy 🚀)

  • Security: decentralized network with 3,200 nodes around the world with exclusive Secure Proof Of Stake protocol. 🛡️

  • Usability: The network has the xPortal App, the most easy-to-use non-custodial wallet. 👜

  • Community: a dedicated and rapidly growing audience that supports new network-based projects.

  • Trust: Runtime Verification (NASA spin-off) audits the protocol to ensure the quality and security of each code line.

  • Vibrant Ecosystem: New NFT projects and dApps are developed every day.

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