VIP Cards

The VIP Member Cards is a collection of 505 NFTs that grant access to the EGLD Staking Pool, powered by the fees charged on the ElrondBet.net platform.
🛡️ Benefits:
➼ 💰 Passive-Income: We aim to build a sustainable business that shares income fairly with the community. • Stake your VIP Card NFT to earn EGLD generated by platform fees. • 80% Royalties will go into the Staking Rewards wallet
➼ 🎁 Access to Special Events/Giveaways organized by the Nuts Team
➼ ☂️ NFT Insurance: To ensure a 100% risk-free investment, we'll refund 100% of the mint price if the Floor Price falls below the mint price after 1 Year. Details here!​
Grab your VIP Card and start farming $EGLD. 505 is the limit, no more NFTs from this collection.

Royalties: 10%

  • 40% - used to Reward the Liquidity Providers 🎁
  • 40% - will go into the Treasury wallet
  • 20% - used to buy and burn $NUTS from the DEX 🔥